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Snow White (faerie Tale Collection)

Snow White5 Star Rating
Snow White
"Snow White (faerie Tale Collection)", Is Regarded As A Must Own Children's Book

The author is Jenni James and the publisher is StoneHouse Ink. The children's book became available sometime in April of 2013. The child's book is 238 pages long. Get yourself a copy of this child's book, click on the button on this page.

StoneHouse Ink is the manufacturer of the Snow White. snow white faerie tale collection fans

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Manufacturer: StoneHouse Ink
Author: Jenni James


For fans of fairy tale romance, Grimms fairy tales, fairy tale retelling, and classics! Jenni James Faerie Tale Collection:Beauty and the Beast Sleeping Beauty Cinderella Rumplestiltskin Hansel and Gretel Jack along with the Beanstalk Snow White The Frog Prince*****************************SNOW WHITE (FAERIE TALE COLLECTION) By Jenni James An enchanted mirror, a tale of envy— Raven and Snow White have been the greatest of pals for years, so when Snow's father, King Herbert, and Raven's mother, Queen Melantha, wed, the girls' dreams come true— now they are sisters! Already the queen's envy of Snow has become obvious. But when Queen Melantha uses the mirror to force Corlan into killing Snow, he knows it will take a battle of great strength to outwit the evil spell surrounding him and save the girl he loves. Prince Corlan, Raven's brother, is determined to find a strategy to destroy the mirror before he loses his mother completely— or it kills them all. Corlan has been in love with Snow White considering that they were young children and would do anything to defend the beautiful princess, even defy his mother. Its dark power soon corrupts the queen. However, in an act of exceeding folly, the king presents his new bride employing the enchanted Lythereon Mirror as a wedding gift.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • No. Pages: 238

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Snow White
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