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Grimms' Fairy Tales: Volume 2: Sleeping Beauty And Other Tales (classic, Children's, Audio)

Grimms Fairy Tales Volume 2 Sleeping

Penguin Audio

Author: Jacob Grimm / Brothers Grimm

Grimms' Fairy Tales: Volume 2: Sleeping is a must own child's book. Written by Jacob Grimm / Brothers Grimm and the publisher is Penguin Audio. This child's book went on sale on the 1st of October, 1997. I would like you to get the best price and service when selecting a child's book for your children, please check out our affilate button on this site.

This second collection inside the Grimms Brothers' tales brings together some from the most well-known children's stories with other magnificent, if much less familiar tales. Oft-heard or not, each of these stories may possibly be a treasure that parents will enjoy discovering together with their children. The unabridged stories included are"The Brave Little Tailor","Cinderella","The Fisherman and His Wife","Jack the Hedgehog","The Juniper Tree","The Poor Miller's Boy","Sleeping Beauty", and"Snow White and Rose Red ".


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