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Goldilocks And The Three Bears (classic Favorites)

Goldilocks And The Three Bears5 Star Rating
Goldilocks And The Three Bears
You Really Need To Add "Goldilocks And The Three Bears" To Your Library

Make sure you get a copy of Goldilocks And The Three Bears an excellent book. The author is Roberto Piumini and it was published sometime in April of 2013 by KiteReaders. The book has 16 pages.

The Goldilocks And The Three Bears will make a great gift. goldilocks three bears classic favorites kids

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Manufacturer: KiteReaders
Author: Roberto Piumini


Adapted for Kids: Award winning teacher-turned-author, Roberto Piumini retells this well-known classic in an engaging way for young readers. Part of a specific classic series which has sold over 1 million copies about the world, this specially-designed ebook for the Kindle is sure to create to be a refreshing favorite among households with young readers. Visually Captivating: Bright, vivid illustrations optimized for the tablet bring the story to life for kids. *A Kite Readers Classic Favorites Title This delightful new adaptation is specially created for the tablet for your tablet for an enriching, vibrant reading knowledge. Global Bestseller: Part of a unique classics series selling 1 million copies sold worldwide. Retold by award-winning Italian author, Roberto Piumini, this beloved classic comes to life via beautifully colorful illustrations by Italian illustrator Valentina Salmaso.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • No. Pages: 16

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Goldilocks And The Three Bears
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