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Classics Illustrated Deluxe #2: Tales Of The Brothers Grimm (classics Illustrated Deluxe Graphic Novels)

Classics Illustrated Deluxe 2 Tales


Author: Mazan / Philippe Petit / Cecile Chicault

The author is Mazan / Philippe Petit / Cecile Chicault and the publisher is Papercutz. The children's book became available sometime in April of 2008. The child's book is 144 pages long. Get yourself a copy of this child's book, click on the button on this page.

Four fascinating tales by The Brothers Grimm come alive in these bold new comics adaptations by 3 incredible graphic novelists.   These adaptations strive to restore all the excitement, magic, and thrills with the original classic tales, inside a tasteful and thoughtful manner.   This edition of CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED features each the well-loved tales of Hansel and Gretel's trip to the Witch's Gingerbread House together with the Valiant Little Tailor's thrilling encounter with Giants, at precisely the identical time as the lesser known tales in the Boy Who Wanted to Learn What Worry Was who stays inside a haunted castle plus a boy's quest to snatch the Devil's Three Golden Hairs.   More than the years, many elements from the original versions of these stories have either been omitted or blandly changed.


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