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Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Alices Adventures In Wonderland

Harper Design

Author: Lewis Carroll


The art of Camille Rose Garcia complements the complete text of Carroll's classic story about a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical characters.
You'll want to read Alice's Adventures In Wonderland the best child's book written by Lewis Carroll. The author is Lewis Carroll and it was published sometime in February of 2010 by Harper Design. The hardcover book is about Alice and is thought to be a very good fiction. The children's book is 160 pages long and it is made of colorfully illustrated pages. For the best bargain for this book together with other books, click on our partners via the button on this site.

'Down,down,down. ' Would the fall never come to an finish!

Source of legend and lyric, reference and conjecture, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is for most children pure pleasure in prose."There they encounter the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Mock Turtle, and the Mad Hatter, among a multitude of other characters--extinct, fantastical, and commonplace creatures. Alice journeys through this Wonderland, trying to fathom the which indicates of her strange experiences. While adults attempt to decipher Lewis Carroll's putative use of complex mathematical codes inside the text, or debate his alleged use of opium, young readers just dive with Alice by signifies of the rabbit hole, pursuing"The dream-child moving by way of a land / Of wonders wild and new. But they turn out to be"curiouser and curiouser,"seemingly without moral or sense.

For more than 130 years, children have reveled in the delightfully non-moralistic, non-educational virtues of this classic. In fact, at every single turn, Alice's new companions scoff at her traditional education. The Mock Turtle, for example, remarks that he took the"regular course"in school: Reeling, Writhing, and branches of Arithmetic-Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision. (All ages) --Emilie Coulter Naturally, Carroll's instincts were good; the masterful drawings are inextricably tied to the well-loved story. Carroll believed John Tenniel's illustrations were as critical as his text.


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